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Cantinho Brasileiro no Radio" is a one hour weekly radio program that celebrates Brazilian culture with a bilingual broadcast! The show is a vehicle of communications of the Arrepia, Brasil! community. With artfully created playlists, news and special interviews, listeners get to hear not only emerging artists from Brazil, but also from the United States. From Bossa Nova to Xote, the program brings a variety of genres within Brazilian music that will surprise even the most musically educated ears. The staff of volunteers include Carla Leininger, and producer Jon Heinman.

Carla Andréa Leininger won the Brazilian International Press Award on May 3rd, 2013 at the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Carla was recognized for her years of dedication to the Brazilian Radio Hour (Cantinho Brasileiro no Rádio), on WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh. In 2012, Carla was honored with the opportunity to introduce Gilberto Gil, in Portuguese and English, at the Byham Theater.

Each semester, we bring Portuguese students from the University of Pittsburgh. Under supervision of Ana Paula Carvalho, they choose the program content, songs and act as broadcasters. On some occasions, students conduct interviews with special guests by phone. It is an excellent learning opportunity and a great partnership that highlights the sense of collaboration that is always present within our "Arrepia, Brasil!" community.

"I've enjoyed the eclectic mix of Brazilian and Global music that Carla spins during the Brazilian Music Junction on WRCT 88.3 FM. The show can take away the stress of the week, or raise my energy for the weekend. The informative commentary also helps me to gain a deeper connection with the music. Keep the show going, it is a welcome asset!" Andrew Keane, May 2017

“Carla has been a global pioneer in the Pittsburgh radio scene with her tireless work to produce the long running Brazilian Radio Show. The program has become a well known and greatly appreciated cultural fixture in the Pittsburgh Community. I've enjoyed it for many years. Pittsburgh is a better place as a result of Carla's creative talents and contributions." Bill Bates, August 2011.

When: Every Friday, from 6 to 7 pm
Radio Dial: WRCT 88.3 FM
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In 1999, the Brazilian Hour, created by Carla Leininger, was a monthly hourly program and part of the Latin American Radio Magazine. In 2004, it grew to a weekly independent show. The program is broadcast in English and Portuguese every Friday at 6:00 pm and serves Pittsburgh by bringing Brazilian music as well as unique themes, news, event information, promotions and special interviews. Some important names that have appeared on the show include former Brazilian President Jose Sarney and artists such as Gilberto Gil, The Brothers of Brazil, Os Mutantes, Luisa Maita, Jorge Ben Jor, Daniela Mercury, Nation Beat, Matuto, Daniel Jobim, Ivan Lins, Beth Carvalho, Almir Guineto, Margareth Menezes, Araketu, Terra Samba, the Mosquitos, Angelique Kidjo, Plena Libre and many more. The program collaborates with organizations such as the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh City Theater, Guitar Society of Fine Arts and the Latin American Cultural Union (LACU) in promoting events, artists and music. The staff of volunteers include Carla Leininger and producer, Jon Heiman. 

We welcome new volunteers! Opportunities are available as news analyst, on-air talent, guest for interviews, music and theme selection. It’s a great way to improve your speaking and presentation skills!  If you are an artist, feel free to send us your work as well.  If you are interested in promoting your business and underwriting our show, we would be happy to talk to you.   Email 

Historia em Português:

Em 1999, a “Brazilian Hour,” criado por Carla Leininger, era apenas um segmento do programa “Latin American Radio Magazine”, o qual era apresentado mensalmente, durante apenas 1 uma hora. Em 2004, graças à sua audiência crescente, o programa tornou-se independente e passou a ser apresentado todas as semanas. O programa vai ao ar em Inglês e Português todas as sextas-feiras às 6 da tarde e atende a comunidade de Pittsburgh  e do mundo, trazendo musica brasileira assim como temas importantes, notícias, informações sobre eventos, promoções e entrevistas especiais. Alguns nomes importantes que já apareceram no show incluem o ex-Presidente brasileiro José Sarney e artistas tais como Gilberto Gil, The Brothers of Brazil, Os Mutantes, Luisa Maita,Jorge Ben Jor, Daniela Mercury, Nation Beat, Matuto, Daniel Jobim, Ivan Lins, Beth Carvalho, Bacilos, Ivan Lins, Araketu, Almir Guineto, Margareth Menezes, Terra Samba, The Mosquitos, Angelique Kidjo, Plena Libre e muitos outros. O programa colabora com organizações tais como o “Pittsburgh Cultural Trust”, Pittsburgh City Theater, Guitar Society of Fine Arts e a Latin American Cultural Union (LACU)”, promovendo eventos, artistas e música. 

Todos os semestres, trazemos estudantes de português da universidade de Pittsburgh. Sob supervisão de Ana Paula Carvalho, eles escolhem o conteύdo, as músicas e atuam como locutores. Em algumas ocasiões, os estudantes conduzem entrevistas com convidados especiais por telefone. É uma excelente oportunidade de aprendizagem e uma grande parceria que destaca o sentimento de colaboração que está sempre presente dentro da nossa comunidade “Arrepia, Brasil”!.
Italian Brasilian lirico spinto tenor Thiago Arancam performs in Pittsburgh in 2017
Gilberto Gil performs in Pittsburgh in 2012